Preventive Care and Wellness

The best way to keep your pet healthy is by having regular physical examinations. At Newton Animal Hospital, our highly trained staff will answer all your questions and concerns and take the time to thoroughly examine your pet. Our services include taking and maintaining a complete medical history, including a review of prior medical records. We will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, urogenital system, lymph nodes, bones, and all other systems. Routine blood work may include annual heartworm testing, feline leukemia/FIV testing, and general health profiles especially for our senior patients. Other routine testing may include fecal exams and urinalyses.

Vaccinating your pets against disease is one of the most important aspects of keeping your pets healthy. Many diseases that can be life threatening are completely avoidable by a simple vaccine. Our veterinarians will provide a breakdown of the various vaccinations appropriate for your pet and advise you of your options.

We also provide and dispense a full range of flea and tick products, heartworm preventatives and deworming medications.

General Surgery and Orthopedics

At Newton Animal Hospital we can perform a broad range of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. These include spays, neuters, laceration repair, growth and tumor removals, foreign body removals, ophthalmic surgeries, gastrointestinal surgery, abscess repair, amputation, cruciate repair, luxating patella surgery, fracture repair and many other procedures.

Radiology / Ultrasound

We have high resolution quality X-ray capabilities with the newest digital processing available allowing our medical team to have immediate diagnostics to inform our clients of potential abnormalities or areas for concern. We also have telemedicine options allowing us to seek immediate consultation with board-certified specialists. Newton Animal Hospital also has the resources of ultrasound specialists available to visit as needed to complement our diagnostics in this area.


Dental health is an important and often overlooked part of an animals’ overall health profile. Proper evaluation of teeth and gums allow us to recommend needed services for your animal. This can include dental cleanings, extractions, dental surgery, and gingival surgery. Referrals to specialists are made on an as-needed basis. We also offer non-anesthetic dentals for those animals that may be anesthetic risks or as a less expensive option for certain candidates that only need simple cleanings without the need for extractions or more extensive work. We also carry useful dental products so that you can care for your pet’s dental health at home.

On-Site Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory allows us to quickly assess any blood abnormalities for surgical candidates, sick animals, or emergency cases without needing to wait for results from our reference laboratory. This allows us the ability to perform and assess complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, and electrolytes. We also have diagnostic tests for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, lyme, feline leukemia/FIV, and others.

Pain Management

Pain management has evolved in veterinary medicine over the past decade allowing veterinary professionals to utilize the most sophisticated drugs available to make your pet’s comfort a priority. We advocate for the judicious use of various medications depending on the circumstance. These include various analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and even anxiolytics to make your animal as comfortable as possible.

Nutritional Counseling

Obesity and allergic manifestations due to various diets are a common finding today. Our team can advise you as to many options including changing the quality and the quantity of food that your pet consumes. Diet may affect weight, skin, the musculoskeletal system, teeth, and virtually every bodily system in some way or another. We carry vitamins to insure proper nutrition as well as other supplements to help meet the needs of your animal.

Microchip Identification

Microchip identification has helped to reunite many lost pets with their owners. International travel requires that animals have these placed as well. We carry the Home Again line of microchips that fulfill travel requirements and help create a permanent identification for your pet. This simple procedure involves the implantation by injection of a small device under the skin in the shoulder area which is the size of a small grain of rice.

Client Education

Our goal is to always provide sound advice and to have open and transparent lines of communication with our clients. Newton Animal Hospital is available to answer all of your questions about your pet’s care. Our staff stays current with the standards of care expected for optimal care delivery by regular attendance at continuing education and we pass that information along to our clients. We can advise on all of the services we provide so feel free to simply ask!

Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

The pharmacy at Newton Animal Hospital carries those medications needed to care for your animal as well as a large array of products for preventative care. We can provide prescriptions for any and all products upon request.

Prescription diets can improve your animal’s health by specifically being formulated to meet their nutritional needs. Not to be used indiscriminately, these diets can be used to correct disorders and maintain good health. Some problems that can be addressed with prescription diets include urinary crystals and stones, digestive disorders, skin problems due to allergies, kidney disease, heart disease, dental disease, and obesity.

Emergency Care

We welcome any emergencies that come through our doors and will do our very best to stabilize and care for them as needed. Certain emergency situations warrant intensive care and should 24-hour care be needed, we will advise referrals to appropriate care centers on a case-by-case basis. We have working relationships with many of the emergence and specialty care centers in the greater metropolitan area.


Deciding when your loving pet is ready to die is a personal decision and not an easy one. We understand that most often we do not want to move ahead with this sensitive decision one second too soon or too late and so we do our very best to guide you through this difficult process. Our compassionate and understanding team member will answer all of your questions. We offer the most humane options to saying goodbye to prevent any more pain and suffering. Euthanasia at the hospital is available and we also offer in-home euthanasia as a way to allow your pet to end their life in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Individual and group crematory services are available.